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In every bottle of Vallepicciola, there is a legacy born from the land and a love for Chianti Classico

Our property of 275 hectares includes 107 hectares of vineyard, 4000 olive trees, two ponds, woods and meadows. The diversity of the ecosystem encourages the presence of insects that support our sustainable farming practices. Immersed in the area of Pievasciata is perfectly integrated into the rolling Tuscan hills. Guardians of Tuscan essence.

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Our winery

Guardians of Tuscan aromas

The surface of 6000 sq.m, divided into three levels of which two underground, where there are all the stages of winemaking, is the place that preserves the essence of Tuscany.


Between Nature and Innovation

Our spacious and modern winery is an ambitious example of organic architecture, thanks to the vision of Vallepicciola and Architect Margherita Gozzi. A project born from the quest for a harmonious relationship with the surrounding Tuscan nature.

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