Landing image Vallepicciola The Winery
The Winery

Guardians of the Tuscan essence


A silent dialogue
between nature 
and innovation

When architecture merges with the surrounding nature, the winery is no longer just a building, but a hymn to the land from which our wines are born.

Vallepicciola - The Winery
Vallepicciola - The Winery
Vallepicciola - The Winery


A place designed
down to the smallest detail

In the heart of the cellar, the art of winemaking comes to life. This 6,000 square metre space is divided into three levels, two of which are underground, where all stages of wine production take place, and an external floor dedicated to hospitality.

The project was designed with dedication by architect Margherita Gozzi and completed in 2020, with the aim of blending in harmony with the natural beauty of the surrounding area. And it is thanks to its organic design that the winery is no longer just a building, but becomes a hymn to the land from which our wines are born, in total balance with nature.

Vallepicciola - Fermentation room

Fermentation room

Vallepicciola - Concrete vats room

Concrete vats room

Vallepicciola - Laboratory


Vallepicciola - Barriccaia


Vallepicciola - Bottaia


Vallepicciola - Vinsantaia


Vallepicciola - Our Heritage
Welcome to Vallepicciola

Where every bottle of wine is a story

Discover our heritage, born from the land and our love for Chianti Classico.

Vallepicciola - Territory and Vineyards
The Vineyards

The place where everything is born

In the sinuous hills of Castelnuovo Berardenga in the heart of Tuscany, where the land merges with the art of winemaking.


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