August 7th | Aperifusion

August 7th - AperiFusion 7pm. Aperitif fusion with wines and live music.

August 7th - AperiFusion 7pm. Aperitif fusion with wines and live music.

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Aperitif fusion with wines and live music.

In the splendid summer setting of Vallepicciola, we invite you to discover "AperiFusion", an evening dedicated to the fusion between the excellence of our wines and innovative flavors, in a sensory journey enriched by the vibrant atmosphere of live music. In this unique event, the aperitif transforms into an exceptional experience, where traditional tastes meet innovation, creating surprising pairings that enhance the Tuscan terroir through a contemporary lens.

As the sun sets, painting the surrounding hills in shades of red and gold, Vallepicciola becomes the stage for a meeting of cultures and flavors, where each sip of wine and every bite become expressions of a silent dialogue between nature and creativity. The music, with its enveloping notes, completes the experience, inviting you on a journey beyond the boundaries of taste and sound.

Join us on this August evening to toast to summer, friendship, and the timeless enchantment of Vallepicciola, where every moment becomes a precious memory, a piece of a mosaic of unforgettable experiences.

The evening will begin with a tour of the winery lasting about 30 minutes.

This will be followed by an apericena buffet that will explore international flavors and cultures: from the curries of India, to the spiciness of China, via Mexico with its tacos.

Curious and appetizing proposals that will be paired with the following wines:

  • Pievasciata Bianco
  • Perlinetto 25th Anniversary
  • Pievasciata Pinot Noir
  • Quercegrosse Merlot.

Accompanying the evening will be live music with multi-ethnic sounds.

The event will end at approximately 10:30 p.m.

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