August 21st | AperiGreen

August 21st - AperiGreen 7pm. Vegetarian Aperitif with wines and live music.

August 21st - AperiGreen 7pm. Vegetarian Aperitif with wines and live music.

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Vegetarian Aperitif with wines and live music.

On a summer evening where nature displays all its splendor, Vallepicciola is pleased to present "AperiGreen," an event that celebrates the harmony between vegetarian flavors, our fine wines, and the enchantment of live music.

With a selection of vegetarian dishes, created to amaze and delight, perfectly paired with wines born from a deep respect for our environment, this evening promises to be a journey through the colors, flavors, and sensations that only Vallepicciola can offer.

Let yourself be lulled by the live melodies that intertwine with the sounds of nature, creating an atmosphere of pure magic. "AperiGreen" is the opportunity to share the joy of authentic moments, where every taste is an exploration, every sip a discovery, in a place where the beauty of creation is celebrated in every detail.

We look forward to experiencing an unforgettable sunset together, where a passion for the earth, love for wine, and the pleasure of chosen company blend into an experience that goes beyond the simple aperitif.

The experience will begin with a tour of the winery lasting about 30 minutes.

This will be followed by the totally vegetarian AperiGreen, which will ticke the taste buds with totally unexpected pairings and offerings.

Guests will be able to taste the following wines:

  • Pievasciata Spumante
  • Pievasciata Rosé
  • Pievasciata Pinot Noir
  • Chianti Classico.

The evening, which will end by about 10:30 p.m., will be livened up by live music.

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